Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Scott Antique Market

We had a long load-in day today for the show. Cheryl & I seemed to both be blocked on our ideas for furniture placement, so we called over one of our awesome neighbors and he brought the "mo-jo" on over. As we called each other planning the show, we both were saying how we didn't have that much this month. Well, I guess you add both of our "not much" together....we could barely fit everything in the booth! We finally got it all in and I think we're both happy with the look. (Thank you, Jonathon for your mo-jo!)

Cheryl really found some cool stuff this month. How awesome is the old laundry box? A cool tool chest, a lovely Hungarian biscuit box...too much to mention. Not sure if I got pictures of it all, but take a look and see. Would love to see you at the show. Come see us at J9, South Bldg & tell us you saw the blog. Have a great weekend!